Dig Safety Recognition

//Dig Safety Recognition

Dig Safety Recognition

May 7, 2018

Mr. John Hubbard Future Environmental 701 E Grandstaff
Cushing, OK  74023

Dear Mr. Hubbard,

Every nine minutes, an underground utility is damaged- making improper digging one of the leading
causes of pipeline damages. But many excavators, including your company or organization, are doing
their part to dig safely by calling 811to have buried utilities located and marked before digging.

In the past year, Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC (Phillips 66) has noticed a high number of One-Call
notifications from your company or organization occurring near our pipelines, with no process
errors resulting in involvement from Phillips 66. To recognize you and your employees for following
One-Call laws during your frequent projects near our pipelines, we have named your company or
organization a Phillips 66 One-Call Elite Partner for the year 2018.

Please accept the enclosed certificate as a measure of our thanks. We encourage you to display it
in a place where it will remind you, your employees and your customers of your team’s commitment to
safety. Your company or organization has also been added to Phillips 66’s list of One-Call Elite
Partners, available online at www.phillips66pipeline.com/safety/excavation-development/#partner-program.

Please also visit us online to access additional materials available to you as a One-Call Elite
Partner, including a press release you can share with local media and other promotional
materials.You can find these materials at the site listed below:

www.phillips66pipeline.com/resources (Excavators & Excavation Projects) password:call811

Thank you again for your commitment to calling 811 or your local One-Call center before digging.
Following these practices protects your employees, our pipelines,and the communities where both you
and Phillips 66 operate.
For more information on Phillips 66’s One-Call Elite Partner program, or Phillips 66 pipelines in
your area, please call
1-800-231-2566 or visit www.phillips66pipeline.com.


Chris Young Supervisor One-Call


Dig Safety Recognition of One-Calls NO VIOLATIONS

Dig Safety Recognition