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Vacuum Truck Services

Our experienced professionals are available to service your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for same day emergencies, routine scheduled visits or on a call in basis. Our state of the art fleet vacuum trucks ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 gallon capacity can remove all non-hazardous liquids and non-hazardous solids your company may generate. Future Environmental abides by all Local, State, and Federal Regulations including proper manifesting to certify proper treatment/disposal of all your non-hazardous products.

Examples of Services Provided:

We specialize in the cleaning of triples, long trenches, basins, hoist pits, car washes, and oil water separators.  Future Environmental understands what a burden it is to have your location backed up and your work area flooded. We can recommend a Maintenance Schedule and provide your company with Emergency Service if the need arises.

Future Environmental vacuum truck collecting material for oil water separation

If your station is having water contaminated fuel problems, Future Environmental has qualified personnel to help get you up and running quickly. We remove water from spill buckets, dispenser pans, submersible pits, interstitials, and tank bottoms. Our employees are trained to also purge lines after water contamination or phase separation. We are one of the few companies that offers a bill credit for phase separated gas or diesel to help defer your expense, at times even a payment for recovered quality fuel.

Future Environmental truck services gas station

Future Environmental’s personnel are experienced with providing assistance in different types of dewatering services. These include tank pulls, tank installs, leaky underground storage tanks (LUST water), and large excavation sites. We also specialize in EPA free product vacuum events. We can adapt our equipment in order to have a closed system to provide more accurate readings. We also help calculate the ratio of free product to water, thus giving field information for our customer’s reporting.

Location in need of dewatering service

Most companies cannot afford to have an on site water treatment plant, Future Environmental can help. We are a Licensed Special Waste Hauler and can help determine the most cost effective way to dispose of your non-hazardous liquid or non-hazardous solid waste. We help keep you in compliance without taking away your hard earned profits by providing a routine scheduled pick up or on a call in basis.

Future Environmental vacuum truck used for industrial waste water removal


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